High Blood Pressure and Erection Problems

Particularly men, pride themselves for always being ready when love is in the air. This requires an erection, the body’s natural response to sexual stimuli. However, sometimes things don’t happen as nature intended and that good feeling becomes a dark cloud in the bedroom.

There are various factors that can prevent a man from achieving an erection. For instance, high blood pressure (hypertension) can thicken the arteries, and restrict blood flow to the penis causing erectile dysfunction. Men with high blood pressure might experience erectile dysfunction, but most problems can be treated effectively.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and you have high blood pressure,
there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Through proper medication and lifestyle changes your doctor can treat the problem effectively. If the erectile problem is caused by your high blood pressure medication, advise your doctor immediately. He may be able to switch your medication.

There is no reason to feel inadequate or embarrassed if you experience erectile dysfunction. Sex is a natural part of life and it should add to and not threaten your relationship with your partner. Erectile dysfunction can be easily treated, and in some cases the solution is just a phone call away.


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