Talking to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

The word “Erectile Dysfunction” or “ED” scares a lot of men especially when it comes to having a partner or keeping a relationship. No man wants to be inadequate in bed. In the U.S.A. alone, about half of men between ages 40 and 70 experiences some type of erectile problem and most men don’t want to talk about it. There is no reason for embarrassment! Remaining silent about your sexual anxieties will only make matters worse. Inevitably, when a man has to live with erectile dysfunction, so does his partner.

Erectile dysfunction can most definitely have some serious emotional and psychological effects. There may be fear, anxiety, anger and even depression, which develop a scary cycle that can wreak havoc in your sex life.

Work Together With Your Partner

When a man has erectile problems, his partner is also directly affected. Don’t shut your partner out of the problem or the solution. Sit with them and explain your situation. Good communication is key to a strong relationship and it is an essential element in developing your sexuality.

These tips will help you work together during the management of erectile dysfunction:

  • Choose a comfortable place and time to talk.
  • Explain your feelings and be as honest as you can. Reassure your partner that you want to find a solution but need their strong support and commitment to stand by you.
  • Go to doctor’s appointments together and discuss which treatment options might best work for both of you.
  • Try being intimate without intercourse as you work through this issue.
  • Be patient and support each other.

Together, with good communication and support, addressing your erectile problems will make your relationship grow stronger.