Yoga Can Actually Help With Erectile Dysfunction

What most men don’t know is their overall health might have a direct impact in preventing erectile dysfunction. Erectile problems may be caused by different factors as simple as stress or by taking certain medications, but keeping in good health can lower the risk of experiencing Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction which means the inability to sustain an erection hard enough and long enough for intercourse can be helped with exercise.

Here are a few types of exercises you can try:


Yoga can improve your erectile performance by helping you to relax your entire body. By relieving overall stress, clearing your mind and relaxing your muscles you improve the blood flow throughout your body which contributes to erectile performance.


The plank exercise is a superior abdominal exercise for developing optimum core strength. As your core muscles strengthen, these muscles demand further blood supply to the region which in turn improves the blood supply to the groin area since the arteries that supply blood to your core, also feed the groin area.


Your daily exercise routine should also include some type of cardiovascular exercise. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch before starting your cardio exercise. When you are done, always cool down. There are no exceptions. Stopping exercise suddenly can cause more damage than good. Start slowly and build up over time to increase your endurance.